Hey, Luigi! 

  • Self-paced course 
  • Teacher: John 
  • Intermediate - Advanced
  • Video lessons  
  • Quizzes, games, podcasts, assessments, dictations PDFs 
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Welcome to "Hey, Luigi!" - a unique course designed to help you overcome some of the most common challenges faced by learners of English at the intermediate to advanced level.

If you're familiar with John's English Page on Instagram, you've probably already met Luigi - the amiable but frustrated student of English who's often filled with exasperation.

And it's not surprising! The English language is full of seemingly illogical pronunciation, irregular spelling, and exceptions to grammar rules. In fact, sometimes it seems like there are more exceptions than rules!

“Hey, Luigi!” is a fun and meticulously designed self-study course, aimed at helping you to overcome the some of the most common mistakes made by learners of English.

Who's it for?

  • Video lessons 
  • Exclusive Luigi videos 
  • Podcasts
  • Online quizzes and games
  • Progress assessments 
  • Dictations 
Do you want to speak English well? Are you tired of making mistakes? I understand your pain! Well, if you have at least an intermediate level of English, why not join Luigi and I for this fun and informative interactive course? You are guaranteed to feel more confident and start speaking  English more naturally!
  • Avoid making some of the most common mistakes at intermediate- advanced level
  • Learn in a fun way with this beautifully designed course!
  • Practise your English  in a welcoming environment
  • Check your progress through regular assessments
A fun and informative course for intermediate to advanced learners! 

John and Luigi videos

In each module, you'll find a short video featuring John and Luigi in various situations. These videos are a fun way to introduce the common problems and frustrations that English learners often face with each topic.

Simple explanations

In my easy-to-understand video lessons, I will guide you on how to avoid the most common errors related to each topic. I'll explain these concepts in a simple way and I'll provide valuable advice on how to prevent these mistakes in the future.

Practise while having fun

My quizzes and games make learning fun. The wide variety of activities keeps you motivated to come back every day and continue your learning journey. With interactive quizzes and engaging language games, get ready to play, learn, and discover the wonders of English!

The complete package

The course is quite extensive, so we've divided each module into two parts, with numerous activities in each. Every week, new activities will be unlocked until we reach the end of the course. Once you subscribe to "Hey, Luigi!", you'll have access to the course indefinitely, allowing you to revisit the materials whenever you want.


When you feel confident and ready, you'll have the opportunity to take the official Module Assessment Test. Don't worry; you can attempt the assessment as many times as you like to improve your score. However, to successfully pass the test, you must achieve a score of over 80%. Best of luck!

Improve all your skills 

Improve listening, spelling, pronunciation, and vocabulary with dictations, podcasts, gap fills, and more. You will love the way the exercises are presented and they will keep you busy for weeks!

Course contents 

Module 1: Prepositions

Mastering prepositions is one of the hardest aspects of English. Do we say I'm good at maths or I'm good in maths - or both? Have you been in the United States or to the United States?  Are you in the restaurant or at the restaurant? Join me and let's practise some of the most problematic prepositions together! 

Module 2:Confusing Words

Control or check? Record or register? English is a rich language, but often words can seem very similar in meaning. In this module, I will shed some light on common false friends and notoriously difficult words.

Module 3: Pronunciation 

Understanding native speakers when they talk can be a real challenge for learners of English. One of the most difficult aspects - in terms of both pronunciation and comprehension - is connected speech. In this module, we'll look at some of the most common ways that words are linked together, and we will practise together with shadowing exercises and dictations.

Module 4: Collocations

Why do we say heavy rain and not strong rain? Why do we do exercise and not make exercise? Because these words simply collocate - in other words, they just naturally go together in English. So start speaking more naturally by learning these predictable combinations of words !

Module 5: Gerund or infinitive?

Stop to smoke
or stop smoking? Finish to work or finish working? Are you confused by gerunds and infinitives?  You’re not alone. They can confuse even very advanced English learners. But don't worry! In this module, I'll give you some great tips about how and when to use them.  

Module 6: Classic mistakes!

A collection of some all-time classic mistakes made by learners of English. Join me for a high-speed rollercoaster of typical errors, explanations and mini-quizzes. A perfect way to end the "Hey, Luigi!" course! Unmissable!

What people are saying about Hey, Luigi!

John is the best English coach I’ve ever worked with. His teaching is clear and captivating. I think he has found the right key to teaching English.  Highly recommended! 


  Simona Martini
Effective, intense and impossible to get bored. The best a teacher can give. The rest is up to the student. This course penetrates into the six basic problems that many English learners have trouble with, and does it in a fun way. In a nutshell it's a brilliant course!

   Yasemin Sahin
I actually dreamed about Luigi, during this highly interactive English course.  I can't believe I had so much fun! It was the best choice I ever made. Thank you John & Luigi 

Linda Bohusova
“Hey, Luigi!” is the best course
I´ve ever taken. It´s fun, challenging and interactive. Every week we have new thing to learn in a fun way. I´m happy to have the best teacher in the world.

Yesica Corpu
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