Alto Adige

Do you know that in Italy there is a region where German is spoken? Oh yes! In this area of Italy, the mother tongue is German, even though most people know and speak Italian.

At school, children learn both languages, then, depending on the family of origin, they often speak more German, but immediately afterwards Italian.

Well, this area is called South Tyrol or Alto Adige and is located in northern Italy on the border with Austria. This is the first reason why people speak German, of course there are also deep historical reasons and old battles for independence.

Furthermore, this area has a special statute, which means that although it is on Italian territory, it benefits from special forms and conditions of autonomy and can enact regulations on certain matters, adapting state legislation to regional needs.

The beauty of this area is characterised by nature, the imposing Dolomites and hillsides cultivated with vineyards, and there is no shortage of famous apple orchards.

The quality of life is decidedly high compared to the rest of Italy, and there are several well-integrated communities that interact peacefully and help each other.

It is an area with a high number of tourists all year round, from spring to winter with snow-capped mountains, numerous ski lifts and the famous Christmas markets There is a different and magical air, a Nordic style, a mix of Austrian, German with a dash of Italian creativity.

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