đź”® Lady Gyppo's horoscope of the month

Aries: Don't complain if things don't change by themselves - try being the change you want to see, then look what happens!

Taurus: You're always nervous! Try switching to camomile tea or decaf for a while!

Gemini: You need to explore and pursue new interests. Some winning advice? Buy a synthesiser and start making your own music. Hey, I said a synthesiser, not loud drums, okay?

Cancer: Fantastic possibilities are coming soon - get ready to make them all count in your favour.

Leo: You wanted to roar along with your friends at the party, and instead, you belched in public again. When will you decide to drink “in moderation"?

Virgo: A large sum of money is coming your way. Fantastic! But don't let it change you.

Libra: When your accountant advised you to make "new investments", he didn't mean that you had to cripple your mother-in-law!

Scorpio: It's time to throw a party and meet new people. Give yourself a little light relief.

Sagittarius: Why not start a new dance course? You could try anything from salsa to merengue.

Capricorn: Break from the past and make a new life. Everything will be much better.

Aquarius: Focus more on work and keep your eyes peeled! A crafty colleague might be after your job.

Pisces: You are your usual touchy self. Try holding your breath and counting to ten before getting angry!
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