Chat GPT and Artificial Intelligence

Have you ever heard of ChatGPT and artificial intelligence? What do you think about it?

To tell you the truth, I still don't have a clear idea; What is certain is that technology is becoming faster and faster, with just a few clicks everything or almost everything is possible.

I don't know whether to be pleased or frightened, but as always it is up to us to decide how we use technology, whether constructively or passively. What is certain is that these applications bring significant changes to our daily lives.

Let's look at some examples of artificial intelligence: shopping, online searches, digital assistants, vehicles, cyber security, health, transport, automatic translations... well as a translator I would like to focus on this last aspect.

Technology has made great strides and now an app allows us to translate and semi-speak a language we don't know, although I honestly believe that a programme can hardly completely replace human knowledge and skills. I come from the old school, where all this did not exist and obviously to do an assignment and research we had to go to the library and do physical research, even wasting time, but having relationships and comparing ideas with our classmates.

Now I see that many young people with a click, locked in their little room, have it all in a few seconds.... without emotion, without an exchange and without thinking. Research also means thinking, expressing an opinion, deepening a topic, all aspects that make us grow, teach us how to speak and communicate correctly, and above all, force us to use our abilities.

I am not saying 'how beautiful it was in my day' because even today it is beautiful, it is interesting, there are opportunities that were unthinkable before, but I am also saying that having everything at once and without effort does not take us very far as human beings and will lead us to think less. And after all, a computer can never have the same ideas and emotions as a writer.
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