It's time to share bread!

Clara Akemi
Although it has been a challenging period because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Brazilians have found a way to see the needy people through the crisis.

At Christmas time, many charity groups run campaigns to raise donations such as toys for poor kids and essential food for their parents. By the way, the little ones also write their wish list for Father Christmas. Those letters are sent to the post office, where volunteers read them and buy gifts. Then, all those presents are delivered on Christmas Eve by postmen wearing festive clothes.

As a country that welcomes foreigners and immigrants, Brazil has religious variety. Despite this, a large majority of the population is Christian, divided into three main groups: Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants. Regardless of their religious beliefs, everyone has a family get-together on Christmas Eve for a Christmas feast. So, it's time to savour all that delicious food for the occasion like roast turkey or ham; typical "farofa" made with cornflour, chicken offal and dried fruit; fruitcake; French toast; and, lastly, the national preference, caipirinha or beer. They all get a gift, and they have fun with a secret Santa. Apart from that, there is a nativity scene in most houses. A wreath on the door and a Christmas tree is put up with all the ornaments: light, baubles, tinsel, etc.
We can't forget that 25th December is Jesus Christ's birthday who taught us generosity, love and belief in better days. Thus, let's make the world a better place! Happy holiday!
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