đź”® Lady Gyppo's horoscope of the month

Aries Enjoy your success and treasure it for the tough times ahead.
Taurus You need to be in touch with nature. How about hanging a birdhouse out on the balcony?
Gemini There is a marked decline in sexual desire. Don't panic, it happens. The important thing is not to make a drama out of it!
Cancer You will win the company competition for the most original carnival mask. Ask for a souvenir photo of the award ceremony because it will be a memorable moment!
Leo Limit fried foods and fizzy drinks. And the fries. And the candies. And also the chocolates.
Virgo This is not a good time to invest your savings in stocks.
Libra To solve problems in the family it is important to communicate, listen and try to understand the point of view of others. Make an effort to do this and everything will be better.
Scorpio This year be content to celebrate the carnival in the city. And if the parade really depresses you, jump on the first decorated float, dance, sing and imagine that you are in Rio de Janeiro.
Sagittarius Adopt a cat or a dog. Remember that love is also giving, not just receiving!
Capricorn Maintain friendly relationships with your neighbours.
Aquarius Do not have too many doubts about a purchase that you have been thinking about making for a long time. Just buy it!
Pisces You have a great vision for a magnificent project. Effort and luck will do the rest.
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