Feel free to pass gas!


I wonder if you are the kind of person who lets out stinky gases and keeps quiet, pretending you didn't do it; or if you're one of those who unleash ones like the sound of a machine gun and then laugh. 

Well, I used to be the first one until one day while I was having a cup of coffee in my friend's kitchen, her sister came in and we were hit by such a nasty scent. My friend immediately yelled at her, “Damn, you farted! Oh my Gosh, it smells like you are rotting!” The sisters started arguing, then in order to break it up, I owned up to it being me. They both stared at me in silence for a second; and we ended up bursting into laughter together.

By the way, I am sharing this embarrassing fact of my life to say it is healthy and completely normal to release 15 to 20 farts per day. It indicates that the digestive system and bowel are working properly; reducing abdominal bloating after meals, so don't hesitate to let them out freely. However, smelly ones like the smell of rotten eggs are the sign of the ingestion of foods which contain sulphur such as broccoli, cauliflower and legumes. Consuming too much red meat also results in a horrible odor. Although it is excellent for the intestines, excessive fibre intake can lead to unpleasant-smelling gas. A further important consideration is to verify if you are lactose or gluten intolerant as well.

What are you supposed to do? Quit eating all these healthy foods? The answer is no. Before making any radical decisions, try to modify the way of preparing them. For instance, dried beans can be soaked in water with vinegar for a minimum of 8 hours before being cooked. Broccoli can be steamed. These little tips can aid in digestion, but it is best to consult a dietitian who can provide suitable advice.

Now, get ready to be astonished! It has been said inhaling farts may be good for people's health because the hydrogen sulphide which we release helps to reduce the risk for cancer, heart attack and stroke. It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? At least going forward, you can give an excuse and comfort people when you pass gas!

Indeed, even if deemed coarse and impolite, flatulence is usually the subject of jokes. Anyway, I solved the matter of mine by cutting out milk and beans from my diet, as not only did I experience embarrassment but I also suffered from abdominal discomfort and gastritis. So, it's worth seeking the help of a doctor.
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