Global warming grows year after year

Clara Akemi
The intense drought and record heat waves with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) in European, American and Chinese summer are leading examples of the climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. In addition to causing inconvenience to aerial transport and forcing population to ration water and electricity, this climatic crisis has made it difficult to transport cargo across rivers with low water levels; it has affected agriculture due to dryness; it has also caused wildfires and so forth.

The last Brazilian summer was also catastrophic. Because of the rainstorm, hundreds of people lost everything they had and became homeless. To make matters worse, many others have died in this tragedy.

That is the actual impact on our lives, the high cost we are paying for our lifestyle. The fact is that we cannot stand idly by and only blame the industries which manufacture all kinds of goods to meet growing demand. However, Brazilian companies in different sectors such as beauty, personal care and food are reformulating the composition of their products, providing alternatives ones such as vegan foods and non-fossil cleaning products, besides reducing the dreaded greenhouse gas emissions and replacing energy sources hydroelectric and thermoelectric with solar and wind power.

Certainly that is not enough. Each individual has his share of responsibility for the Earth's well-being. Should we consume so many goods? Is it really necessary to switch electronic devices to modern ones at all times? Or even, do we have to buy several items of clothing and footwear constantly? Do we actually know how to recycle all of this?

In fact, if environmental damage is not stopped, nobody will get away with it. Everybody must rethink their lifestyle and have conscious consumption, including the conscious use of water and electrical power. Otherwise, the likelihood of extreme heat waves will grow even higher on the Earth as well as other extreme climate events. Thus, environmental chaos has already been setting in around for a long time,  and the deadline is drawing closer.
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