Lady Gyppos's Horoscope

Laura (@aminutewithme)
Lady Gyppo's horoscope of the month (@a_minute_with_me)

Aries Excellent job opportunities are on the horizon, but beware of the treacherous tripping of some colleague.

Taurus Is it time to look for a new home? Take her away from your mother or you will forget your love life.

Gemini Slow metabolism? Don't tell yourself nonsense: Work harder on your diet and gym without nighttime snacks.

Cancer For the month of October continue to do your best: for those born of Cancer the stars, at this time, go on strike.

Leo In love you will be irritable and temperamental. Try not to overdo it.

Virgo Buy a couple of good books - reading is a great way to put the boredom you will feel weighing this month to good use.

Libra A great stroke of luck is on the way. Recognise it in time and don't waste it.

Scorpio Problems with the partner are coming: also consider the other's reasons to get the best out of the discussions.

Sagittarius Next weekend treat yourself to a trip to the woods: nature will give you many fantastic sensations.

Capricorn Don't overdo it. Don't always put yourself at the center of attention and leave some space for those around you too.

Aquarius Focusing on the bad news alone will not help your mind produce positive results. Accept a calmer perspective.

Pisces True friends are important. Take better care of them because they only want what’s good for you.
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