Lady Gyppo's Horoscope of the Month

Aries Don't be stubborn about a single idea, mull over multiple options before choosing your holiday destination.
Taurus Unplug and relax. Take advantage of the holidays to fill up with positive energy and return to work more motivated.

Gemini You have holes in your pockets and you are losing money! Do something about it or your financial losses will get worse!

Cancer Transient ailments, coughs, persistent colds… talk to your doctor.

Leo Rather than roaring, in this period you are meowing: assert yourself or others will take advantage of you.

Virgo Spend consciously, summer sales are not always a bargain and you are deceived too often only to regret it and let it ruin your day.

Libra Let fate bring your soul mate to you.

Scorpio In this period you are worrying about things that don't exist. Lighten up! Things aren’t so bad!

Sagittarius You're not saving enough money. Try putting coins in a piggy bank and then break it when it is full: Small actions over time give pleasant results in the long run.

Capricorn Forget about your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, stop making excuses to text and cut it out.

Aquarius It's time to change hobbies or to discover new ones. Save yourself from boredom.

Pisces An idealist and a dreamer, your head is often in the clouds: be careful, reality is always full of… unexpected tumbles.
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