Lady Gyppo's Horoscope of the month

Aries You will soon have an important communication that will blow all of your other projects out of the water.
Taurus You are oversleeping and losing focus and motivation. This is not good.
Gemini Love and sexual understanding are tried and tested ways to seal a relationship! 
Cancer You are going through a boring time. Pluto and Saturn do not facilitate the entry of novelty. Have patience, it will pass.
Leo Pay attention to risky expenses and ask yourself if that purchase is really necessary.
Virgo You have a little dog, a kitten, a hamster, a goldfish (or all of these combined?) Consider spending more time with your pet with joy and relaxation.
Libra There is nothing wrong with having sudden urges for the other sex. Maybe your real you is asking out.
Scorpio Stay away from the kitchen. In this period you are an absent-minded cook and you don't play with fire, or with the oven and stove!
Sagittarius A good TV series is what it takes to spend at least one evening a week with your friends. Pop corn, chips and a few non-alcoholic bitters are allowed without going over the top.
Capricorn Getting some sun during a break in the office can only do you good. Obviously without smoking a cigarette at the same time!
Aquarius You must be a good swimmer if you want to push yourself into deep water: you are sure that you are ready for riskier projects.
Pisces Your worry is not making you sleep well, but accumulating anxiety and nervousness will not lead to the solution.
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