Lady Gyppo's Horoscope of the Month

Aries Give yourself a relaxing massage session: loosening tense muscles can only do you good.

Taurus Don't focus your attention on stupid physical details: a partner is chosen for many other qualities.

Gemini You are too lazy in this period: get up an hour earlier and use it to do gymnastics.

Cancer You are heading in the right direction in both work and love. Too bad that the money is still scarce. 

Leo Tiny health problems: a persistent cold, an annoying cough, a few rashes… don't worry, it's a matter of a few days and you'll be roaring like a lion again as before.

Virgo Do not insist on looking like what you are not: wear your usual clothes and be sure of yourself and you will see that someone will notice you sooner than you know.

Libra You are complaining too much during this time! Stop it, the patience of those around you has a limit.

Scorpio This month all the planets smile at you: you could throw yourself into any initiative and reap the rewards.

Sagittarius Stop ruminating and giving birth to toxic thoughts. Time flies: spend it better!

Capricorn Does your partner work 72 hours a day? Lie down on his desk and… force him to take a break.

Aquarius Today you have to buy a Lottery ticket: Luck is blind, but this time she saw you!

Pisces This month you will be very cheerful, motivated, productive and positive. This will attract to you the sympathy and trust of many people who will genuinely love you.

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