Lady Gyppo's Horoscope of the Month

Aries There's a fine line between optimism and foolishness - try to control yourself and remember that, at the end of the day, the world wants you sad and depressed! 
Taurus You've been patient until now, but you stand by your reasons.
Gemini Sore throat, cough, fever and cold? You are sick, but you'll soon get over it!
Cancer Something you own is going to break, so get ready to make an important purchase!
Leo A sincere chat with a trusted friend will clear your head.
Virgo You need new jokes to tell, otherwise, your friends will keep avoiding you.
Libra Take a day off and leave your worries and jitters behind.
Scorpio Take care of your health more and start jogging. Maybe, in company.
Sagittarius Stop lying, or you will forget how to tell the truth.
Capricorn During this time, a close friend is about as helpful as tits on a bull. Try changing company!
Aquarius Has your waistline increased but you don't want to go on a diet? Move the buttons on your clothes farther.
Pisces You may be going on a romantic date so don't forget to pay attention to personal hygiene!
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