đź”® Lady Gyppo's horoscope of the month

 Aries Don't get down on yourself if you're not a sex symbol, you can always work on sex appeal!
 Taurus Are you tense, do you sleep badly and for too short a time? Try hanging up the photo of your boss's face and playing darts with it, this might help you to relieve your stress!
 Gemini Okay, they keep you warm but throw out those terrible old Icelandic sheepskin knickers and buy a decent pair! 
 Cancer Did he give you the ring back? Run to find yourself a new finger to put it on. There are plenty more fish in the sea!
 Leo We need madness! Spending half of your salary in a fancy restaurant will make you love your boring job more.
 Virgo Then what did you do with that little sum of money? 
 Libra Accept that weekend in the mountains or you will never know what you missed.
 Scorpio Enjoy some healthy solitude: lie down on the sofa, read, sip a good cup of tea and forget your smartphone.
 Sagittarius There is no way to escape that invitation, resign yourself.
 Capricorn You have a big fish to fry tomorrow. Think about that fish and nothing else.
 Aquarius All fashion victims: spending your money on clothes because you could be the victim of your bank if you continue to have your account in the red.
 Pisces Nobody suspects it but despite your calm appearance, inside you is all the fire of Lenny Kravitz (... uh uh are you gonna go my way …)
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