Lady Gyppo's Horoscope of the Month

Aries Quarrels are on the horizon with your partner. You better agree to him because he will not give up under any circumstances.
Taurus Sign up for an English language course because this is your lucky month to become a polyglot. Lady Gyppo (obviously) recommends John's English Page course.

Gemini Foot problems: pains, discomfort, a little stronger odour. Get into the habit of making foot baths and treat yourself to products for a healthy and ... fragrant routine.

Cancer New girlfriend? Change of boyfriend? Love comes and goes. Meanwhile, take a break and experience the joys of being single.

Leo Beware of new friends, as they may only be interested in getting professional information.

Virgo Planning a weekend in the country is what it takes to relax your nerves. Bring a hammock.

Libra Do not contradict your boss anymore because he might lay you off. Buy a couple of anti-stress rubber balls and squeeze them when you feel nervous.

Scorpio Spring is near! Rearrange your wardrobe and give the poor what you no longer wear.

Sagittarius Optimise your shopping list and cut the superfluous: be more aware of what you really need.

Capricorn You are a little distracted and you risk making trouble over some nonsense.

Aquarius Here is your lucky time! Whatever you want, it will come true.

Pisces a month with ups and downs. Kick the low moments in the ass and make them ... high!

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