Lady Gyppo's Horoscope of the Month

Aries if you usually go to the mountains for your holiday, then go to the beach this year. Or vice versa
Taurus Your mood is often grumpy, try to fit in better with your colleagues in the office….unless they are grumpy too!
Gemini Watch out for deadlines! Before handing in anything, always do one last check, especially when it comes to work projects.
Cancer Take on your responsibilities or karma will get its revenge on you.
Leo If things go wrong it is not always the fault of bad luck. Try harder and give the best of yourself. Then, if all else fails, complain.
Virgo If you are considering stepping down from your job, the stars advise against it. Think better and decide next month.
Libra Ready to try on your swimsuit? You will get great results with the diet. If not, put on a big smile and don't give a damn about it.
Scorpio Lots of sex. Never so much sex in your life. Take the necessary precautions.
Sagittarius Little sex. Never so little sex in your life. Take appropriate action  ...and the necessary precautions.)
Capricorn Don't be disheartened if you can't save the money you used to. Always think that there is someone who lives in worse conditions.
Aquarius Stop investigating or following your partner and trust them more. It is not healthy to see lovers all over the place. Take it easy!
Pisces Take care of relationships with your neighbours (even if you hate them): getting on with them is always be advantageous.
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