Lady Gyppo's Horoscope of the Month


Aries If you feel unmotivated, consider starting a new project. Big or small it doesn't matter, as long as it's exciting.

Taurus The holidays are over, but there is no reason to be sad: for next winter, leave a few weekends to fill with a surprise destination.

Gemini Climbing the stairs, going shopping on a bicycle, parking the car a few blocks away will restart your slow metabolism.

Cancer If you want to have a small amount to spend without burdens on your conscience, pay in advance: you need a nice ceramic pig and a coin a day to put in it.

Leo This month you will have digestive problems. Keep water and baking soda on hand.

Virgo Does your new summer romantic partner refuse to answer the phone and written messages? Maybe then they are someone else's great love!

Libra Try to dedicate some of your time to your mother (or your father). They don't tell you, but they'd be happy to get some loving attention.

Scorpio You are in great shape! Prolong your well-being by maintaining good habits.

Sagittarius If your vacation wasn't great, think about what went wrong and plan the next one better.

Capricorn If there is a bad atmosphere at work. Play your crafty wild card with your boss and maybe he'll fire someone else.

Aquarius Pay attention to the maintenance of your home: a small expense not addressed today could become double tomorrow.

Pisces Did you notice that the sofa seems to have taken the shape of your body? Come on, get moving, don't be too lazy, make an effort and at least turn the cushions upside down.

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