Stories of generations with Pope Francis – Netflix

I am Catholic because I was born in Italy, but I am not a great practitioner of the religion. Whether I believe in God or not...I don't know, maybe, but I believe in the good, the right, in courage, and in positive people.

A few days ago, I discovered a very touching documentary series on Netflix: Stories of generations with Pope Francis. Pope Francis tells stories of life in all the countries of the world: America, South Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia.

They are stories of ordinary people: the farmer, the poet, the father, the scientist, people who are now old and have fought for equal human rights and against slavery.

Some of them tried to change the world with their scientific discoveries or battles for themselves and others. Life has changed them, sometimes cruelly. They lost their children or had to move to another country and culture. They are all true stories full of humanity and feeling, which are good for the heart and can raise awareness in a world which has closed in on itself.

Tales that can help us rediscover true values and what is really important in life. We are used to running, working, studying but we don’t listen because we have so little time. Yet we have so much to discover from lives near and far from us.
I thoroughly recommend this documentary!
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