Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984 film)

Francesca Giorno
Based on the bestselling George Orwell book, this film captures its original meaning - the writer's concerns about a dystopic society post World War II, where it'll be considered a crime even to fall in love. 

The main character, Winston Smith (John Hurt), spends his life re-writing the headlines of newspapers so that his only secure figure, Big Brother, the solemn voice that seems to know everything about anyone, can appear in a better light. Living in a totalitarian society where ignorance is considered a strength, mankind appears to be very machine like. 

The world seems to be under a spell. Even the spectator can't just escape from the repetitive radio that announces, every now and then, glorious victories from any frontiers all around the world, and sometimes an increase in the percentage of chocolate that can be distributed (the only matter that counts, apparently). 

Julia (Suzanna Hamilton) seems to hide revolution intentions. She even dares to write a life-threatening message:" I love you" to her brother, Smith (all people name each other brothers and sisters). The two fall in love, but how can it be possible for the omnipresent Big Brother to let that happen? In fact, all sorts of feelings are prohibited. Is it a different plan or merely the excitement to catch two of their creation red-handed so they can be punished? 

What is real? What is not? Will you dare to be your own hero, or will you spend your life waiting for a chance to get to know Big Brother better? And if Big Brother is watching you, would you still do what you're doing, think what you're thinking? The fear of ourselves, our own thoughts, is immobilising us.

 Life is a game of chess, and continuous thinking does not help you progress in life.
Just suit yourself and make your moves. Let them capture all your pieces. The worst possible scenario that might happen is that you start a new game with another player, but by then, you'd have learned how to play! The end of the film is not mentioned on purpose. Instead, I've written down my feelings after watching it. 

I highly recommend watching it, because when a film creates this emotional storm, it is worth seeing, for sure. I give it 5 stars
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