Protecting and promoting human rights in the contemporary world 


Human rights are universally recognised as fundamental to the dignity, freedom and equality of every individual. However, despite progress over the decades, the contemporary world still faces numerous challenges in protecting and promoting human rights. This theme explores the current challenges and the importance of continuing to work to ensure human rights for all people, wherever they may be.

Despite progress in the fight against discrimination, many people are still victims of prejudice based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or disability. Discrimination and inequality undermine fundamental human rights and require constant efforts to promote inclusion and equality.
Moreover, the world faces one of the greatest humanitarian crises with millions of people forced to flee wars, conflicts and persecution. These people are often deprived of basic rights, including the right to life, security and health care.
Addressing the refugee crisis requires a global response that ensures respect for their human rights. The protection and promotion of human rights is an ongoing challenge that requires collective commitment. Addressing discrimination, protecting refugees, tackling climate change and managing the impact of technology are just some of the challenges facing the world.
It is crucial that governments, international organisations, civil society and individuals come together to ensure that human rights are respected, thereby protecting the dignity and freedom of every individual. Only through a collective effort can we achieve a world where human rights are a reality for all.
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