The Cultural Map by Erin Meyer

I am currently reading a very interesting book in English. This book is available in several languages and deals with our continents' cultural and stylistic differences.

The author is an American lady who has travelled the world and has come into contact with many of the world's peoples, especially in the business area.
Above all, she focuses on diversity in the United States, Europe and Asia.
For instance, in her experience, Americans recap incessantly, Japanese read the air, and Brits use irony as a form of humour. It is interesting to find out how different attitudes can be understood or misinterpreted depending on our upbringing, culture, origin and education.

We have different ways of passing and interpreting messages in our multicultural world. Each of us has our own form of communication: low communication or high communication. These inequalities can also be carried over into our daily lives, not just in business. When we study a foreign language, in Latin countries, we tend to study grammar first and then speak, while in northern European countries, it is the opposite.

Language levels can often be completely disparate: practice versus writing. We can agree or disagree with what the author writes, but I derive the beauty of diversity from this book. How much we should learn to listen to, respect and understand everyone and from every one, without trying to persuade others but accepting all varieties.
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