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Irresistible kissed ice cream made entirely by hand (without an ice cream maker)

This ice cream is incredibly irresistible, and your friends won't believe you didn't buy it.
Hey, you won't be able to stay away from the fridge after midnight;)
(NOTE: If you don't like hazelnuts, don't put them in: You will still have an extraordinary chocolate ice cream!)
serving 4 people
- 250 ml fresh whipping cream
- 200 ml condensed milk
- 30 gr unsweetened cocoa powder
- 80 gr dark chocolate
- 30 gr hazelnuts
1. Chop the dark chocolate and set it aside in a glass bowl
2. Cut the hazelnuts in half
4. Heat 50 ml of liquid cream until boiling, and pour it over the chopped chocolate until it melts completely
6. Cool to room temperature
7. Now add the condensed milk, stirring well with a spoon
8. Sift the unsweetened cocoa powder and mix until all the cream is combined
9. In another bowl, whisk the remaining 200 ml of cream very well with the electric whisk (the cream must remain compact and firmly anchored to the bowl)
10. Add the whipped cream to the chocolate cream
11. Mix the cream very well: it must be smooth and homogeneous
12. Pour it into a container that can fit in the freezer of your refrigerator, drop the hazelnuts cut in half on the surface, then cover everything with a lid or aluminium foil
13. Leave to freeze for 6 hours
14. If the result is something good, you are less of a kitchen dummy than yesterday: be proud of yourself! 
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