Working from home

It is 2022 and after two years of Covid, we can at last talk about remote working. Yes, because it isn’t possible (or at least it didn't used to be possible) to work remotely in all countries, partly due to a lack of tools, but sometimes also due to a lack of the right mentality.

Remote working has opened up a world, a new world, with new possibilities, both for young people and for those people who have had to reinvent a job which they perhaps lost for some reason.

In this choice or possibility, we should not be afraid of being deprived of responsibility, of not being able to organise work during the day or, even worse, of feeling isolated.

Working remotely offers us the possibility of getting to know new colleagues, of being able to exchange different opinions and experiences. Of course, to work remotely, it is necessary to be able to work 'alone' in a room, and to be able to take a break without chatting with a colleague, but the important thing is to be able to maintain human relations via chat or video call.

Personally, I would dare say that this new type of life has many merits, such as not having to physically move from one place to another. How many people spend their time in the car or on the train to get to the office? So working from home also makes it possible to be 'greener' and sometimes to be able to stay with the children in case of illness.

Another advantage is also the economic aspect because we know the possible costs of an office workstation are much lower than a real office building.

In conclusion, I am definitely in favour of working remotely because it opens up new types of work that were previously unknown to us, and because it can often be done comfortably and well from home.
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