Retirement age 67? What do you think? What would you do in retirement?


Lately in Europe, and particularly in France, there has been talk of increasing the retirement age and many people have taken to the streets to protest and demonstrate with major strikes.

The average lifespan of a human being has definitely improved and increased, and this topic touches everyone a bit closely: is it right, is it wrong to retire at 67?

There are those who are in favour and those who are against, what do you think? The answer is complex, it depends not only on us, but also on our governments, but I don't want to get into political discourse.

Very often it also depends on the type of work one does. Those who have a heavy manual job, those who are sometimes harassed by bosses and colleagues, I imagine that they have a great desire to retire, and perhaps those who have a satisfying job instead prefer to continue as long as they can.

This theme also makes me think about what to do after so many years of hard work, of daily commitment both physical and mental. I honestly believe that we all need a rest, we all deserve a long break ..... but then once we retire, what do we do?Travelling, spending time with family, pursuing our hobbies or volunteering...

It can happen that we feel lost and confused with 'nothing to do', after so much running around and commitments we find ourselves with a lot, perhaps too much time on our hands. I believe that the fundamental thing is to try to avoid that sense of loss, turning our days into real adventures, going in search of new incentives, new interests that are good for us, whether we live as a family or are single.

We will be a new 'us' with greater awareness, with no one telling us what to do and giving us orders any more... this will be a new life... I think we could think in this positive way!
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