The Dark Side of Tattoos

Clara Akemi

Have you ever thought about turning your body into a work of art and expressing your feelings and ideas through amazing tattoos? That’s what many people have done in many parts of the world for many different reasons. Sailors and circus performers got them to give a sense of stability in life, as they lived a nomadic and ephemeral lifestyle. Hippies and punks had them, on the other hand, as a form of protest. But in one way or another, the essence of tattooing has always been to tell us the person's history.

Whatever your intention or motivation, be aware that the meaning of many tattoos have changed over time and they have become increasingly popular. This is the case of the tear which nowadays is used by Brazilian rappers and MCs to give them a tough appearance. But make no mistake. Although the tear has different interpretations worldwide, some of the most common ones in the criminal world are empty teardrops which can symbolise an unsuccessful homicide attempt or that a friend of the faction has been killed and the wearer is seeking revenge; and when it is filled with ink, it indicates the achievement of that goal.

Whether you are thinking of getting a happy and colourful clown tattoo like Batman's enemy, the Joker, or any other cute ones, just know that you will be in serious trouble with the Brazilian police because any criminal who has one, most likely has already taken the life of a policeman.

A wizard tattoo represents a master of complex robberies such as banks or other high security places and safes which are hard to crack. The cobweb has a similar meaning, as it is the hallmark of the smart and resourceful felon who plans crimes.
These marks often reveal more about the offender's skills and his criminal history. For example, a barbed wire tattoo is a sign of the person who has spent a lot of time in prison or has been arrested several times.

Either way, tattoos are meant to be everlasting. And if you don't want to get in hot water and be mistaken for a criminal, you should take a closer look at their meanings. I'm sure you won't be sorry.
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