The Importance of Handwriting

Aug 21 / Italian_with_Lujsa

In the digital age in which we live, where technology has taken over many aspects of our daily lives, it seems that handwriting is gradually losing ground. However, despite the advent of electronic devices and digital means of communication, handwriting still retains an irreplaceable value and a profound impact on our minds and personal development.

Handwriting is more than just a means of transmitting information on paper. It is an act that involves our entire body and brain. While typing on a keyboard can be fast and efficient, handwriting requires a deeper physical and mental commitment.
This process can help strengthen the connection between thought and action, fostering deeper understanding and longer-lasting memorisation of information. Furthermore, handwriting is linked to individual expression and personality. Each person has their own unique handwriting style, which reflects their identity. This personal aspect is lost when using standardised digital fonts on electronic devices. 
Handwriting allows us to express emotions, humanity and individuality, aspects that are often lost in digital communication. One of the most obvious benefits of handwriting is its impact on memory. This is especially important for students who take notes during lessons, as handwriting can help them better understand concepts and remember them for longer.
In conclusion, handwriting should not be undervalued or abandoned in the digital age; handwriting is an art that we should preserve and cultivate for future generations.
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