The New Year is a time to strengthen hope and faith for brighter days!

Clara Akemi
There is a Brazilian song by Jorge Ben Jor whose lyrics describe
precisely what we think of Brazil: “I live in a tropical land of God's blessing and natural beauty”. Yes, I am a hundred percent in agreement with it! Because there are terrific places surrounded by nature and amazingly resilient people who take the bull by horns daily, full of hope and faith, despite all the problems they have to face.
As a country that welcomes foreigners from all over the world, there is interesting religious diversity here. Yet Brazilians are extremely superstitious, so on New Year's Eve, they wear colourful underpants and panties; red to get love, yellow for money, white for peace.
People also believe that eating seven pomegranate seeds and keeping them in their wallets, or even eating green lentils will bring wealth in the coming year.
Those who live close to the sea, at the turn of the year, jump seven waves to get lucky, besides asking Iemanjá for blessing and protection, offering her flowers and perfume which are placed in the sea. Iemanjá is regarded as the sea goddess, according to the belief in Candomblé, a religion which was brought to Brazil by African people during slavery time.
Other than that, on New Year's Eve, everyone usually gets together with their family and friends on the beach, in the avenues, in the parks, and so on. While waiting for the fireworks to celebrate the arrival of the New Year, everyone enjoys a live show with famous Brazilian singers.
Aside from having great faith, Brazilians usually have strong positive feelings during times of crisis, and with equal intensity, explosions of bliss at Carnival, for example. They always have high and excellent expectations for the future. I'm hopeful that 2023 will be fantastic for everybody worldwide.
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