The Smart Puppy Saga

Dec 6 / Clara Akemi
-'Nicky, you complete and utter helmet! I’ll kill this pest of a dog.’
-‘Hum... What?’ I woke up scared that morning, thinking that it was a terrifying nightmare; but it was Marta swearing at me, again. Upon opening the eyes, my beloved family was gazing at me furiously.

-‘Nicky, you dropped the ball! You ate my whole cake and don’t even try to deny it because your mouth is completely smeared with chocolate cream.’
-‘I know, my bad! I'm so sorry, but I couldn't help eating that gorgeous dessert,' I explained to the irate little boy before puking up and passing out. Definitely, that fainting episode turned out to be a divine intervention, as I was on the verge of being banished from the world.

Well, they were right because I had binged so much the night before. Taking advantage of the fact that I couldn't hear anything but David's snoring, I seized the chance to grab a quick bite and hurried to the kitchen. Out of nowhere, I was startled by the sound of the light switch clicking, followed by an enormous shadow in the corridor. It was my dear Jennifer, who had the same idea as me. Since I didn't want her to see me, I hid quickly and had to wait in silence for a long time. Patience is not one of my virtues, and I was becoming very bored and annoyed.

After an hour, she let go of the bone! I mean, quite literally, she was indulging in mouthwatering fried chicken drumsticks. It was then my turn to search for the remaining ones she had saved. But how could I open that fridge? It looked like a giant wall compared to me, a tiny beagle. Despite my snout being sore from several frustrated attempts, I finally managed to open the door with my strong hindquarters. And voilà! There it was, my reward – one of my favourite foods, which I had to pull down, creating a huge mess. However, I didn't care about anything at all, not even if anybody in the house might be awakened by the loud sound of the bowl breaking, I just wanted to wolf them down.

I was floating in the air when I caught sight of a scrumptious chocolate cake on the table. This time, reaching there was easier. I just had to jump on the chair, move to the table, and I scarfed it down. Yummy! Wow, it felt like I was in a video game, overcoming all the obstacles to get the prizes.

And for the next level of the game, I spotted a bottle of yellow liquid on the sink. Ah, I didn't hesitate at all! You realized that I'm such a fearless pup who loves challenges, didn't you? I grabbed each drawer of the cabinet with my powerful teeth and pulled them, using them as if they were stairs. Getting that bottle wasn't hard, but I was so exhausted that I decided to take it to my bed, leaving a trail of slippery liquid behind me.

-‘Jennifer, get rid of this dog. I can't take him anymore!’ David was exploding with rage when I came back from my blackout. ‘Take a look at what he did last night.’ He went on, mentioning all the actions of mine that were recorded by the house cameras.

-‘Dad, Nick is simply a mischievous puppy.’ My loving owner stood up for me and continued, ‘but right now, I’ll take him to the vet because he is sick’.
-‘Of course, he is. He drank a bottle of oil!’ Marta said, astonished. ‘Anyway, I don't care whether he is going to survive or not. When you come back, I expect you to thoroughly clean up this chaos. I want the house spotless. We plan on spending the entire day outside after having breakfast at the bakery.’ Angrily, the mother slammed the door and they went out.

-‘Hahaha! Nick will be grounded for getting into trouble! It serves him right!’
-‘Shut up, you absolute muppet parrot!’ I had to endure Tom pulling my leg, who kept repeating the same phrase over and over.
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