From the City to the Country

I was born and have always lived in the centre of a city of about 120,000 inhabitants, it is not a big city but it is not a small town.
Everything is close here, you can walk to school, you can walk to the centre, you can walk to the shops. There are lots of services and buses, everything is very convenient. It's a fairly quiet city, but polluted because just outside it is industrialised.
I've never thought about moving because it's a nice size, but I'm beginning to think about it. Lately I have been listening to interviews on television and reading in various newspapers that many people are deciding to leave the big cities to live in a healthier and less stressful environment.
Many people work remotely and are more likely to change their lifestyle, but also managers of large companies are looking for a more peaceful life in the countryside. Living in the countryside no longer means living in dispersed or isolated areas; on the contrary, services and the internet are now available everywhere, it is a way to improve the quality of our lives and those of our children.
In addition, living in one's own house and not in the usual city flat offer us more of a possibility to respect the environment, even by installing wind turbines, photovoltaic panels, etc., for the production of energy and hot water in an eco-sustainable way.
It is a new and very positive trend!
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