Travelling around Italy

We are in summer and people feel like travelling after two years of restrictions.

But how does one travel in Italy? The first answer is: there is a good transport system in Italy. The main cities and tourist towns are well connected from north to south. Our rail network covers a good part of the Italian territory. There are various types of trains:

1) Regional trains, which connect cities in the same region, are inexpensive, albeit not always clean, and get us from Milan to Brescia quickly.

2) Interregional trains, which connect cities in different regions, are also cheap and have many stops.

3) Intercity trains connect major Italian cities quickly and directly. The stops are limited and the coaches are comfortable.

4) The Freccia !!! It is fantastic but a bit expensive during high-demand periods and weekends.

They travel at up to 300 km/h with comfortable and frequent schedules. Every day, there are many connections between Rome and Milan, between Milan and Venice.

Many Italians choose to travel by train, whether for business or vacation purposes. Unfortunately, Italy is not all the same and we have to say that in the North there are more services, while in the South, in some regions, there is not always an adequate connection everywhere and sometimes the trains are old.

In conclusion, we should also consider that the train is one of the best systems to reduce the pollution and congestion that looms over our cities.
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