We are in charge of decisions

Clara Akemi
How would you handle a robot trying to kill you? Certainly, you would unplug it. This is what happened to HAL 9000 in the film “2001: A Space Odyssey”, directed and produced by Stanley Kubrick in 1968. However, who would have thought that we already use that artificial intelligence program on a regular basis and possibly aren't even aware of it?

Unfortunately, state-of-the-art software and robots, which work with a logic similar to human reasoning, are analysing our personal and professional data. This happens when AI sets news and posts on the social media timeline and also suggests films on a streaming platform according to our interests. In e-commerce, several possibilities are offered and exposed to us based on what we have already bought and through the credit card we have used.

Nevertheless, the current global controversy revolves around ChatGPT which is able to write editorials, songs, articles and even create impressive illustrations extracted from huge amounts of information available on the internet. A journalist asked this chatbot about the risks of artificial intelligence for society. Then, it replied that besides taking the place of employees in businesses, governments can use AI for surveillance and control; the robot can automate warfare weapons and also promote cyber attacks, becoming out of hand.
Although it sounds a little terrifying, I wonder if the answer is a compilation of a bunch of the film screenplays which we have often seen, since it gets all its knowledge from the web. Incidentally, I also use ChatGPT to study English and notice that it makes mistakes and sometimes gives me wrong answers.

Anyway, because of the significant impact on national security, employment and education, 31 countries already have prohibitive laws regarding the use and sharing of data without users' permission. In addition, there is a debate in the Brazilian House of Representatives on the bill to regulate the use of artificial intelligence by the government, companies, several entities and citizens, founded on respect for human rights and democracy, non-discrimination, data protection and cybersecurity.

In any case, this awesome technology is part of our reality and we just have to make the most of this tool with responsibility and safety.

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