We can't put up with racism anymore!

Clara Akemi
Have you ever experienced racial harassment based on the colour of your skin and ethnicity? Well, currently this repulsive act targeted Real Madrid's Brazilian footballer, Vinicius Jr., which sparked strong outrage among Brazilians. Unfortunately, many other sportspersons have already undergone racist attacks in the history of championship football; even Pelé, the greatest of them all, who used to say he preferred to reply to those insults on the pitch with his extraordinary dribbling and goals.

But this time, they messed with the wrong guy. Vinícius faced the prejudice suffered and called for punishment for those responsible. Like a spark igniting a fire, his indignation spread and got global support. It seems like his yell for justice has been worth it as he now leads a special anti-racism committee of FIFA, which will establish stricter punishments to be implemented by football authorities worldwide.

By the way, as of this season, Brazilian sports justice has put in place sanctions ranging from a ban on fans entering the stadium to deducting points earned in the championship from teams that would fail to take measures to prevent and address racist insults caused by their supporters during the games. The president of the Brazilian Football Confederation, Ednaldo Rodrigues, has taken a stance on the international stage with FIFA, UEFA, CONMEBOL, as well as the Spanish Federation, to adopt similar protocols.

Not only is there racial discrimination in Spain, but also throughout Europe and the American continents. This matter requires to be tackled through educational initiatives in schools, social media campaigns like #withracismtheresisnogame, and so on. Although these actions are important, we really demand immediate results to put an end to the moral suffering experienced by many people inside and outside of stadiums.
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