Whooping it up at the carnival!

Clara Akemi
What about taking a break from your hectic and stressful routine and spending an unforgettable time in Brazilian carnival revelry on February 21st? Then, dress up in your fantastic costume and don't worry if you can't dance “samba”, just move to the beat of the music. However, there will always be someone to teach you how to do it.

As a large country, there are several ways to celebrate it in Brazil. You can gather with the spectators in the bleachers and relish watching the most glamorous parades of the renowned samba groups in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, which always exhibit colossal allegorical floats, the production of the stunning masks and costumes, besides the powerful percussion section with their queens symbolized by gorgeous women and also the exuberant "baianas" section made up of cheerful ladies.

And if you don’t mind being squashed, come join with the crowd in the streets. The most lively is that of Bahia, where our famous singers of "axé" music draw crowds of revellers through the street by giving frenzied performances on top of the "trios elétricos",  a kind of huge truck with an advanced and powerful sound system. The "Galo da Madrugada", which is worth seeing in Pernambuco, is regarded as the largest popular carnival block in the world; everybody has a great time dancing “frevo” next to the traditional giant dolls of Olinda.

Would you like to bring together youths full of energy? Then, the historic cities of Minas Gerais are the exact places where thousands of university students enjoy themselves at the annual street carnival. Or, besides having a good time, you will also have a chance to interact with Brazilian and foreign celebrities at the Copacabana Palace Hotel masked ball.

Anyway, regardless of your choice, just let your hair down because carnival is an unforgettable emotion with many amazing moments, glitter and costumes.

By the way, this heathen festivity is not a Brazilian creation. According to historical researchers, the ancients had already revelled carnival; currently it has been celebrated in many countries worldwide, and it was brought to Brazil by our Portuguese settlers.
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