Women’s football is the symbol of overcoming prejudices

Aug 5 / Clara Akemi

“It was said that women are the weaker sex”. Do you truly believe it? In fact, even Erasmo Carlos, the Brazilian singer who wrote this line in a song, disagrees with it because the lyrics then go on to say “what an absurd lie!” The song was written for his beloved wife, whom he deeply admired for her strong and sensitive personality. 

Indeed, strength and sensitivity are the characteristics of women worldwide, including the footballers of 32 teams who are taking part in the Women's World Cup.

Although it is a national passion in Brazil, there is still discrimination against female football, and we often hear people saying that “it should not be played by girls”. However, numerous sportswomen have been dedicated to the sport and have endured over the past several decades, and things have been getting better. 

Currently in the professional teams, the players have employment contracts and receive wages (admittedly lower than men’s wages), pitches to train on, medical structures, nutritionists and psychologists.

Unfortunately, this support is not given to many talented people from poorer communities, who practise the same sport with dogged determination on a clay pitch, in terrible conditions and without a sponsor. Even indigenous women organise tournaments between the villages. 

All of them have overcome difficulties and dream of being like Marta, voted as the best player in the world six times.
Despite the preconceived notions from some men that women lack knowledge of football, Brazilians are increasingly present in the stands rooting for their teams and also active on the fields taking positions such as referees and lineswomen. Therefore, they have been gaining recognition and respect gradually.
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