Conversation Club

  • Tutor: Native British
  • Level: B1-C1
  • 3-6 participants
    • 1 hour per week
    • 4 hours - £70 
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    Improve your fluency now!

    Conversation Club is about having fun and feeling comfortable while speaking English. Each session is guided by fully qualified native English-speaking teachers who is there to support and encourage you whenever you need assistance.

    Don't worry about feeling embarrassed – we're here to help you grow and improve your English speaking skills in a relaxed environment. Come join us and let's enjoy speaking English together!

    Why choose Conversation Club?

    Improve Your Fluency: Our classes are designed to help you speak English more comfortably and confidently. Through interesting discussions, you'll develop your language skills. 

    Fun and Interactive Activities: Learning should be enjoyable! Each week, we have exciting activities that make learning English fun. 

    Overcome Shyness: We understand that speaking a new language can be scary. Our friendly teachers create a supportive environment where you can practise without feeling embarrassed. 

    Comfortable Learning: We want you to feel at ease. Our classes are a safe space to make mistakes and learn from them. 

    Use English in Real Life: Our focus is on practical, real-life situations. You'll be ready to use English in everyday life. 

    Join our friendly community of English learners and open the door to endless opportunities. Take the first step towards English fluency and sign up for our Conversation Club today!Small text.

    A teacher doesn't need educational skills only: a teacher needs to be creative, to involve the students in their learning path, to have good time together laughing... A teacher should enjoy the journey of learning a new language as the students do...and you do every time! 
    So thank you!!


    I really appreciate these classes because it's so easy to improve my skills! The teacher always encourages me to do better without too much pressure, and the topics are always amazing and interesting! Every week there is something new.


                                                                    What do I do next?

    Simply get in touch with me and I will personally assess your speaking and choose the best group for you based on your level and personality.

    What benefit will I get from Conversation Club?

    Functional Language

    Participate in partner and small group discussions using functional English expressions. Learn to agree, disagree, make suggestions, give and ask for opinions, present facts, and argue your point confidently. 

    Interesting Topics

    Discuss a range of stimulating subjects such as food, movies, culture, technology, relationships, and music. We also encourage discussions about topics that are personally meaningful to you, such as work, family, holidays, and your free time activities.

    Speak Naturally

    Practise using common grammatical structures. Expand your vocabulary by learning new idiomatic expressions and slang, allowing you to gain confidence expressing yourself and speak more like a native English speaker.

    Better Skills

    Engaging in English conversations not only helps you understand others better, but it also develops valuable listening skills. Practice makes perfect, and conversations are a great way to train your listening abilities.  You'll also notice improvements in your intonation, pronunciation, and overall fluency.

    A Shared Passion

    Connect with people from around the world who share a passion for the language. Share your cultures, interests, professions, work issues, and views on life! Stay engaged with a lively Whatsapp group for each class, allowing you to chat and stay connected between lessons.

    A Reason to Learn

    Having the chance to practice what you've learned is vital for retaining new structures and vocabulary. Our conversation club offers the perfect opportunity to not only practice but also enhance your language skills.
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